What is Jetshare?

Protocol providing fractional NFT ownership of real-world Jets to anyone and returning profit and/or income received from sale and lease of private Jets to aviation flight schools and business buyers around the world

Has the smart contract been audited?

Yes, the smart contract audit has been completd by Soken and the report can be found here https://soken.io/audit-reports/

What is the minimum and maximum buy?

There is no minimum or maximum, however to become a bronze member and receive membership benefits there is a $500 minimum investment

What happens to NFT when underlying Jet is sold?

The NFT will be burned after profit distribution and any holders will receive a newly minted collectable NFT numbered and allocated according to percentage holding i.e., NFT JetsharePiper#001

Why Binance?

Quick transfer speeds, low fees, and high scalability.

What currency do I receive my income/dividends in?

$BUSD is a stable coin used to minimise volatility as it is backed 1:1 with the US dollar

Who owns Jetshare?

The Jetshare SPV has recently been incorporated in the UK (details below in find us) and will own Jets with NFT owners recognised as shareholders and possessing voting rights. All Jets will be listed on applicable domestic and international registers.

What are Aviator flight hour smart NFTs?

NFTs allowing members to trade flight hours. The smart NFTs can be programmed to automatically update the number of flight hours remaining on the NFT as the jet is flown. For example, each time the jet is flown, the smart contract can automatically deduct a certain number of flight hours from the NFT.

Can I list my private Jet on the NFT marketplace?

Existing Jet owners can list and sell fractional shares from a minimum 25%, while still retaining usage rights, part ownership and income from the aircraft. This allows jet owners to generate revenue and keep their jet in operation for longer periods of time, rather than having to sell it.

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