The investment process

Leading marketplace for Jet owners to sell fractions of their planes

Jetshare is leading the way and bridging the gap between crypto enthusiasts and Jet lovers.

Jetshare Ltd will acquire Jets listed on a recognised registry or list Jets from current owners

  • Store our Jets in one of our many partner airport hangars across the globe

  • Commission a digital twin of the Jet

  • Mint Jet digital twin NFT

  • Fractionalise and make that NFT available to the community to buy/trade or sell

  • Net income is received every-time the real world Jet is leased and revenue paid to NFT holders according to fraction % owned

  • Capital gain is achieved when a Jet is sold on the open market and net profits distributed amongst token investors.

  • Performance and updates will be available on the platform dashboard

Keep your holdings for as long as you choose to generate income or sell for a capital uplift.

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