Why Jetshare?

We have created the world’s first fractional jet investment platform so the community can buy, sell and invest in real-world planes.

  • We supply and lease Jets to a number of flight schools around the world

  • We offset and pass on costs like maintenance, fuel and storage fees etc.

  • We are partnering with Jet charter businesses around the world so JETT$ can be accepted as a payment method on their platforms

  • Unprecedented growth in the private jet lease market since the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic

  • Unprecedented growth in the number of individuals wanting to learn to fly

  • Unprecedented growth in companies and governments sending personnel to aviation training schools

  • Jetshare events include free flying lessons, discount private jet charters, free flight hours per-annum and Jet days for members

  • We will be changing the industry with revolutionary Web3 ideas. The promising technology and its potential in the private Jet industry is yet to be fully explored.

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