Leading supplier of aircrafts to aviation training schools

Jetshare offers the Web3 community an opportunity to invest in the growing $30 Billion Jet market.

The Jetshare protocol aims to use its fractional private jet ownership model to offer investors a really unique opportunity to be part of an aviation business with multiple streams of income and recession proof growth.

We are opening up the exclusive aviation market of the rich and powerful to cryptocurrency users.

With our native token JETT$, holders will be able to purchase a minted fractional NFT that is underwritten by a physical aeroplane that will be insured and stored in one of our high security airport hangars around the world. Existing Jet owners can list a minimum of 25% of their private plane for fractional sale and members can trade Aviator flight hour smart NFTs that decrease as the hours are used.

  • Each NFT represents a real-world Jet and once minted, each NFT is fractionalised so the community can purchase a stake for as little as $5

  • Private jets are sold or leased to Aviation training schools and charter businesses, allowing investors to earn income or capital growth

  • Investors have 24/7 access to our unique platform to view all updates about their holdings as well as buy/sell, trade or auction their NFTs

Investments are asset-backed and therefore guaranteed now and in the future.

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