How does Jetshare work?

We are opening up a historically secret market and significantly lowering the barriers to entry
  • Our team will identify the Jets with the best long-term sale and lease potential
  • Current Jet owners can list a minimum 25% share of their private plane to raise fractional funds
  • All Jets are publicly listed on national and international ownership databases like the Civil Aviation Authority website
  • Jets will be stored at our airport hangars around the world like Cranfield Airport in England
  • The Jet NFT will be broken down into fractions so the community can purchase a stake for as little as $5
  • The community can trade their fractions on the Jetshare platform or third-party marketplaces
  • Aviator flight hour smart NFTs where buyers can purchase a specific number of flight hours on a Jet at a fraction of the cost of owning outright will be available to buy
  • Users can use their holdings as collateral and borrow at competitive rates against real world private planes
  • The fractional NFT will act as proof of ownership and allow income/profit to be earned from Jet leases or sales